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The products of HG Pharma

Immunod® CLS

Activate your immune system

For reducing oxidative stress.

For notable performance improvements and increased ability to concentrate

Magnesium AKG

Helps you maintain and improve a healthy body at every stage of life and in any circumstance


For a youthful and fresh look and appearance.

Immunod® ATSM

For improving autism related side effects

ProduCt Highlights


Improves physical performance and regulates oxidative stress

Approved medical dietary supplement.

Reduces Fatigue
helps with achieving electrolytic balance
supports a normal energy metabolism
supports the nervous system
helps with muscular function
optimizes oxygen consumption


Improves physical performance and regulates oxidative stress

significantly enhances performance.
symptoms of fatigue are reduced even during and after training.
reduces unpleasant muscle soreness
Minimizes symptoms of fatigue
for maximum regeneration
supports energy metabolism

immunod®️ CLS

Patented vitamin D3 product

normal reception and utilization of calcium and phosphorus
normal levels of calcium in the blood
healhty bones
normal muscular function
normal function of the immune system
cell division


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