ImmunoD® ATSM

The first medical dietary supplement worldwide for the treatment of autism diseases.

ImmunoD® ATSM

The first medical dietary supplement worldwide for the treatment of autism diseases.

A dietary supplement (balanced diet) for special medical purposes based on the latest scientific knowledge and tailored to the metabolic needs of ASD children.
The Vitamin D used is not the conventional liposoluble form (cholecaliciferol) but a new one that gets water-soluble via an innovative patented process and is thereby clearly better available for the body.

Effects of
ImmunoD® ATSM?

Recent scientific studies show:

a significant improvement in quality of life indicators (SF36, MYMOP2)
an improvement in behavior
a reduction of disease specific symptoms
an improved quality of life

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A significantly higher activation of the entire immune system using ImmunoD®

Significant betterment of behavior in Autistic Kids

Improved quality of life

What does Vitamin D have to do with autism?

While Vitamin D is known to be relevant to bone health, evidence of its effects on mental health has recently emerged. To understand the potential benefits and limitations of vitamin D for mental health, understanding the physiology of vitamin D, the limits of vitamin D deficiency, and the current status of therapeutic trials are of paramount importance (1).

Overall, results from 25 cross-sectional studies and 8 longitudinal studies indicate a role for Vitamin D in the pathogenesis of childhood and adolescent mental disorders (1).
Increasing evidence points to the possibility that childhood pregnancy deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency can cause some cases of autism.
Vitamin D is converted into a secretory hormone that regulates about 3% of the 26,000 genes in the coding human genome. It is also a neurosteroid that is active in brain development and has effects on cell proliferation, differentiation, calcium signalling, neurotrophic and neuroprotective effects. It also appears to have an impact on neurotransmission and synaptic plasticity.
Children on the autism spectrum have lower levels of 25 (OH) D than their unaffected siblings at the age of 3 months, at birth, and at the age of 8 years.
In two open studies, high-dose Vitamin D has been shown to improve the core symptoms of autism in about 75% of autistic children. Some improvements were remarkable (2).


“Studies indicate increased oxidative stress in autism, which may contribute to the development of this disorder.”

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress refers to a metabolic situation in which a large amount of reactive oxygen species (ROS – reactive oxygen species) is formed or is present. These reactive oxygen compounds are generated during metabolic processes of the mitochondrial electron transport chain and cytochrome P450 oxidases.
Normal cells in the organism maintain their ability to neutralize reducing or oxidizing substances by producing and storing oxidizing or reducing substances. An imbalance between these pools overstretches the normal repair and detoxification function of a cell, and thus can damage all cellular and extracellular macromolecules. This is called oxidative stress.
Environmental and genetic factors may increase susceptibility to oxidative stress in those with autism spectrum disorders (6).

When and how to apply ImmunoD® ATSM?

ImmunoD® ATSM is a dietary supplement and dietary food for special medical purposes prescribed and administered by physicians.

Every other day, fill the ampoule halfway with water, close the ampoule and shake the contents carefully for 45 seconds.
It is consumed by oral ingestion, whereby the amount of liquid should remain for 3 minutes in the mouth before swallowing it.
Do not administer in conjunction with a meal.
“Over 160 children with ASD are receiving ImmunoD® ATSM worldwide – with good results.”

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