Know-How based on tens of years of intensive research.

Assoc.-Prof. Priv.-Doz.
Dr. med. Ralf Herwig

Professional background

Die erste Station nach seiner Approbation war die Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster als Arzt der Allgemeinchirurgie an der Klinik und Poliklinik für Allgemeine Chirurgie und als Facharzt für Urologie und Andrologie an der Klinik und Poliklinik für Urologie.
2000 Wechsel an die Medizinische Universität Innsbruck als Leiter der Abteilung für Andrologie und Oberarzt an der Urologischen Klinik.
2005 Leitung der Abteilung/Ambulanz für Andrologie in der Klinik für Urologie und Oberarzt an der Medizinischen Universität Wien.
Assoziierter Professor für Urologie an der Medizinischen Universität Wien.
Initiator der Gesundheitszentren für Männer in Wasserburg am Inn, Kitzbühel, Wien und Dubai.
Leiter und Chefarzt der Abteilung für Urologie, Andrologie und Männergesundheit am German Medical Center (Center of Excellence).
Präsident der Österreichischen andrologischen Gesellschaft (ÖaG), die zugleich die nationale Vertretung der Europäischen Gesellschaft für Sexualmedizin (ESSM) und der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Sexualmedizin (ISSM) ist.
Fellow und Board Member der Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK.


Gewinner des RULA AWARDS 2020: ‘Internationaler bester Forscher in Tumorimmunologie, 2020’.
Societé International d’Urology: Erektionsstörungen und venöses Leck, 2014.
European Association of Urology (EAU) 10th Central European Meeting 2010: 1st Prize, Tumor Immunology (Prostate Cancer).
European Association of Urology (EAU) 2005 und 2007.
Österr.-Bayrischen Gesellschaft für Urologie, 2005

Focus areas

Andrology and Urology

Genital surgery

Oxidative stress

Tumour immunology


After many years of intensive research, Prof Dr Greilberger and Prof Dr Herwig discovered the formula for the patented alphaH2+®, which protects against oxidative stress and positively favours the energy metabolism of the human organism.
The two founders of HG Pharma have been working on new biochemical forms of therapy for system regeneration for many years.
Confirmed by the 2019 Nobel Prize winners in the Physiology or Medicine category, cell researchers Kaelin, Ratcliffe and Semenza, who, among others, physiologically demonstrated the effects of oxidative stress on HIF-1 alpha.


Prof Dr Greilberger and Prof Dr Herwig are patent holders for several groundbreaking biomedical products, the effectiveness of which has been proven in numerous studies.
Prof Dr Herwig has developed several procedures and tests that are now considered the “standard in medicine” and have been included in a wide variety of treatment guidelines from different medical societies.

The following research results and scientific achievements have also been made by Prof Dr Herwig patented:

Selectively deglycosylated vitamin D binding protein and cholecalciferol (vitamin D) and manufacturing process.
Method for determining the properties and / or classification of circulating macrophages and analysis arrangement for carrying out the method.
Markers for tumour diseases (colon cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, etc.).
Holder for endoscopic examination and surgery.
Surgical retractor with a ring-shaped frame – with a round cross-section and fastening clips, each with a matching semicircular recess and operations (Münster retractor, B.Braun / Aesculap).


Ralf Herwig: Erektion und Erektionsstörung, Online eBook in iTunes, Publiziert 3.6.2014
Ralf Herwig, Tadeusz P. Panhofer, Michaela Greilberger, Joachim Greilberger: Sedeprovid, a novel vitamin D based substance, plus AlphaH℗ lead to complete recovery from COVID-19 within 48 hours after application in a 7-months old baby, a 1.5-year-old toddler and three further adults. Journal of Translational Science Volume 7: 1-10, DOI: 10.15761/JTS.1000385
Joachim Greilberger, Ralf Herwig: Vitamin D – Deglycosylated Vitamin D Binding Protein Dimer: Positive Synergistic Effects on Recognition, Activation, Phagocytosis and Oxidative Stress on Macrophages. Clinical laboratory Volume 66(1), 2020, DOI: 10.7754/clin.lab.2019.191121
Joachim Greilberger, Michaela Greilberger, Thomas Petek, Stiegler Philipp, Leber Bettina, Herwig Reichl, Ashraf Kamel, Ralf Herwig: Effective Increase of Serum Vitamin D3 by IV Application of a Cholecalciferol-N-Acetyl-Galactosamine-Stabilized Dimer: a Clinical Murine Trial Study. Clinical laboratory 05/2019; 65(05/2019)., DOI:10.7754/Clin.Lab.2019.181114
Joachim Greilberger, Michaela Greilberger, Ralf Herwig: A Newly Developed Dimer of Vitamin D combined with N-Acetylgalactosamin-Albumin Protein Carrier is a Safe and Conciliable Method to Rapidly Provide Cholecalciferol to the Human Body. Journal of molecular and genetic medicine: an international journal of biomedical research 03/2019; 13(1):1., DOI:10.4172/1747-0862.1000396
Joachim Greilberger, Michaela Greilberger, Ralf Herwig: Positive Effect on Behaviour of Autistic Children by Supplementation of New Complexed Cholecalciferol is Combined With Reduction of Lipid Peroxidation: A Pilot Study. DOI:10.19080/CTBEB.2018.14.555893
and many more

Initial descriptions in medicine

Carbonyl proteins (functionally restricted proteins) as a result of oxidative stress in multiple sclerosis.
Carbonyl proteins as a result of oxidative stress with disturbance of spermatogenesis. Destruction of mitochondria as the power plants of the cells, causing poor sperm quality.
The blood flow in the testes is of considerable importance for sperm production. First comparative study between Doppler ultrasound and laser Doppler ultrasound (gold standard).
First evidence that the Doppler ultrasound on the testicle reflects the actual blood flow situation in this process.
Possibility of blood flow-controlled extraction of sperm from the testes for artificial insemination.
Evidence of the damaging effects of oxidative stress on individual human cells in the overall system of the human body.
First evidence of the destructive effect of oxidative stress on mitochondria (power plants of the cells) and thus the triggering of approx. 250 disease states.
Evidence of the triggering of recurring urinary tract infections by taking the micropill with subsequent hormone deficit in young women.
Evidence of the harmful effects of certain nutritional conditions on sperm production.
First evidence of the connection between vitamin deficiency (folic acid deficiency) in men and its effect on sperm production.
First detection of circulating macrophages in the blood system that carry parts of tumours that the immune system is currently attacking.
Possibility of using these macrophages for tumour diagnosis in humans.
First detection of more than 2,500 proteins in human ejaculate.
Detection of more than 700 altered proteins that are restricted in their function due to the effects of oxidative stress in the whole human being.
First description of the possibility of measuring inflammatory markers from the abdominal cavity directly after operations and thus recognizing complications after operations at an early stage
First description of the possibility of direct visualization of tumours by applying antibodies to the surface in the case of intestinal tumours.
First description of the effect of operations and anesthesia on the function of the immune system (natural killer cells).
Detection of urinary stones using a special dose-reduced computed tomography method.
Proof of the possibility of immune stimulation through a vitamin D3/protein combination.
Proof of the positive effects on the course of a COVID-19 disease through the use of special vitamin D3 preparations.

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1Matzi V., Lindenmann J., Muench A., Greilberger J., Juan H., Wintersteiger R., Maier A., Smolle-Juettner FM., The impact of preoperativesupplementation in lung surgery. A prospective randomized trial of oral supplementation of combined α-ketoglutaric acid and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Volume 32, Issue 5, November 2007, Pages 776–782